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External Advisory Board

The School of Engineering External Advisory Board

The External Advisory Board (EAB) provides a direct link among students, faculty and external constituents of the School of Engineering. The Board meets formally three times per year, with each meeting focusing on a major topic: curriculum, student input and review of senior design projects. The Board also includes task groups on specific topics when appropriate.

image of St. Thomas arches

Goals of the External Advisory Board

The Board's objectives include providing critique of the engineering curriculum, giving input on advances in technology and processes that inform programs on meeting current and future industry needs and to be an ongoing resource for the engineering programs.

Among recent initiatives are Board member interviews with students, review of senior design projects and participation in the student mentoring program. 

Membership in the External Advisory Board has been expanded in the past two years to represent a more comprehensive group of constituencies to better address the needs of the students.

External Advisory Board Members

Anita Hall
General Mills (retired) - Chair
Craig Lofstuen
Quartisis - Co-Chair
Alex Beaulier
Ronald Bennett
Founding Dean of the School of Engineering and Professor Emeritus, University of St. Thomas
William Betten
Betten Systems Solutions LLC
Janelle Borgen
Ideate Consulting, PLLC
Matthew Deutsch
Robert Dummer
Vascular Solutions
Beth Duyvejonk
Opus Group
Ahmed Eshmawy
General Dynamics
Ashleigh Farrell
Cardiovascular Systems, Inc
Troy Fox
Andersen Corp
Justin Gese
Chris Greene
Professor Emeritus - School of Engineering, University of St. Thomas
Ken Holte
SRF Consulting
Andrew Johnson
Boston Scientific
Ed Jones
Professor Emeritus - University of Iowa
Holly Kimball
Bill Lambrecht
PaR Systems
Craig Larson
Opus Group
Ben Louwagie
Scott McBride
Bolton & Menk, Inc
Matt Metzger
Barr Engineering
Peter Ness
Benjamin Paar
Graco Inc
Tom Parker
James Payne
Michael Peterson
Seagate Technology
Brian Petschel
Control Concepts
Tony Ramunno
Great River Energy
Keith Rapp
Pinnacle Engineering
Megan Roby (McGill)
Khani Sahebjam
SRF Consulting
Sara Sargent
VSI Labs - Autonomous Vehicle Research
Karl Smith
Professor Emeritus, University of Minnesota