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Engineering students compete in the machine design competition

Create and engage with your peers

Clubs and Competitions

Clubs and Competitions

For some, college is all work and no play. For you, it can be both. Get involved in various clubs and competitions in the School of Engineering and go big. How big? Build a bridge, create a robot, get involved in creating a more sustainable world, turn plastic into construction material and make an actual difference in the St. Thomas community, and the world.

Our clubs are a tremendous way to meet people, make friends and lifelong connections. And the competitions you get involved in will serve as a tremendous opportunity for you to enhance your resume and show off what you know to a large audience of peers and professionals.


Showcase your skills and smarts to a broad audience of peers and professionals.

Machine Design Lab Challenge

Students use their creative skills to conceptualize and design machines that meet performance criteria. Project culminates in a fun team-based competition.

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Students participating in the machine Design Lab Challenge

Experience the excitement!

Machine Design Lab Challenge

Watch as our engineering students compete in an exciting double-elimination round of “Down the Chute” in the fall 2019 machine design competition.