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Bob Mahmoodi


Electrical & Computer Engineering

  • Education
  • PhD, Electrical Engineering and Control Sciences, University of Minnesota.
    MS in Electrical Engineering, University of Minnesota.
    BS in Electrical Engineering, University of Minnesota.

  • Expertise
  • Wireless communication system, digital signal processing, control, automation and system modeling, analog and digital system design and integration, sensor design for medical instrumentation, FPGA and IC application using Verilog and VHDL programming.
  • Research Interests
  • Signal processing (with emphasis in image compression and coding); wireless communication and sensor design; biometric system design and integration.

Dr. A.B. ("Bob") Mahmoodi has a wealth of experience in electronic systems. He has over 30 years of experience from 3M where he worked in Research & Development in the design and integration of wireless RFID and biometric sensor implementation and design; and three years experience at Honeywell where he worked on airborne radar system sensors and electronics. Dr. Mahmoodi is an adjunct instructor at the University of Minnesota's Electrical and Computer Engineering department for the past 35 years and at the University of St. Thomas School of Engineering for 10 years (since 2012).

Patents (Seven U.S. Patents):

Method of image enhancement by raster scanning US patent 4,571,635, 1986.

System and method for adaptive image interpolation of image data US patent 5,774,601, 1994.

Projection display system using diffuse polarizer US patent # 6,992,822, 2006.

Monitoring of frying oil quality using combined optical interrogation method & devices US patent # 8,257,976, 2012.

Hand Hygiene Delivery System - utilizing biometric sending system" US patent # 8,299,896, 2012.

Method & devices for monitoring Oil quality US patent # 8,325,345, Dec 2012.

Method and devices for acquiring an oil sampe and monitoring the quality US patent #8,829,928, 2013.


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"Optimal Target Detection in Variable Clutter" 20th IEEE Conference on Decision & Control, Dec 1981. A.B. Mahmoodi & M.K. Sundareshan.

"Signal Processing Consideration for a Millimeter Wave Seeker." 27th SPIE International Symposium, Aug 1983. A.B. Mahmoodi & M. Kaveh.

A Real Time Adaptive Target Detection Algorithm for an Airborne Millimeter Wave Seeker, 27th SPIE International Symposium, Aug 1983. A.B. Mahmoodi & M. Kaveh.

An Adaptive Contrast & Edge Enhancement Technique Based On Unsharp-Masking, SPIE Medicine XII Conference, Feb 1984. A.B. Mahmoodi & O.L. Nelson.

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Print vs film quality in medical imaging application, Care Stream Technologies. Expert Consultant Paper, June 2013.


Member of the ACR-NEMA (American College of Radiography - National Electronic Manufacture Association) Committee on Image Compression & Coding Standards.

Past Chairman of IEEE Twin Cities Chapter of Acoustic Speech & Signal Processing. 1989-1990.

IS&T Conference Chair on Electronic Imaging Symposia, May 1991.

ICASSP Committee Member for 1993 International Conference of IEEE Acoustics Speech & Signal Processing.